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Winter Weather and Maple Equipment

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Cool weather is approaching. It is a good time to weather-proof and animal-proof syrup equipment and buildings. Look for entrance holes into buildings for small and large animals and close them appropriately. Protect your equipment from snow and ice damage over the winter months. Evaporators, flue pans, pumps, tanks and other equipment stored outside can be damaged from freezing rain, snow and ice and may need costly repairs if not ready for cold weather.


Try This Summer Salad! If desired, substitute leaf lettuce for the spinach. It is still good! . . .1/2 pound bacon, fry and save drippings . . .1 small onion, chopped . . .1 cup maple syrup . . .1 cup rice vinegar . . .pinch of salt . . . Hard boiled eggs . [...]

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Wisconsin had a slow maple syrup season in 2018. Mother nature created many challenges for the Midwest syrup cookers. Many people had a lot of sludge to filter out of their syrup and most people had many days between boilings. When the season was over we jumped into hot summer temperatures.  Don't forget to clean equipment [...]

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Spring Open House and Equipment Swap Meet

Maple Hollow's spring Open House and Swap Meet will be May 11th and 12th,2018. The guest speakers will be Benoit Pepin from Lapierre USA and Dr. Gary Graham from Ohio State University Extension. Topics that will be covered will be 3/16" tubing systems, pricing, batch coding, labeling, licensing.  Also, anyone who brings a hydrometer can [...]

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Maple syrup producers in the tri-state area are invited to attend the conference in Sinsinawa, Wisconsin, Saturday November 18, 2017. Topics included in the seminars will be The Basics of Making Maple Syrup, Managing Your Timber For Sap Production, How Maple Sap Moves In a Maple Tree, Maple Equipment and Expanding Operation, Producer Grants and Funding, [...]

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Enjoy our recipe . . . 1 banana, cut into chunks6 oz vanilla yogurt1 orange, peeled and cut into sections1/2 cup frozen yogurt1/4 cup Maple Hollow Maple SyrupMix  all ingredients in a blender for 1 minute. Serve immediately. Any fruit can be substituted. Add a little spinach or your favorite protein powder for a healthy [...]

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